How To Photograph The Night Sky

How do you shoot pictures of the night sky?

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The tree is light with a short burst from an LED headlamp. 11mm lens, ISO 6400, f 4, 30 second exposure. 

One of the questions I get the most is “how do you shoot photos of the night sky?”

It is not really that hard. I shoot a lot of photographs in the dark. There is something about making the darkness visible that I love. Its like magic for me.

I put together the video at the bottom of this post to explain how I do things like make pictures of rock art at night. I can use very dim lights to make parts of the landscape glow.

I tiny headlamp is all it took to light up Havasu Falls (below). The light of a quarter moon took care of the rest.

ALV13061601097 xlarge

16mm lens, f4, ISO 3200, 20 second exposure

To successfully shoot at night all you need is:

  • a modern DSLR camera.
  • a tripod. 
  • a wide lens.
  • a headlamp.

A good base exposure for a clear, moonless night when you can see the milky way is iso 6400, f4, 30 seconds.

Remember that your eye will be fooled in the dark looking at the screen on the back of your camera so CHECK YOUR HISTOGRAM -see the video for details.

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The most important thing is to enjoy yourself!

Being outside at night should be fun.